You are lucky if you don’t know what post nasal drip is. Our body produces mucus every minute of our life and we usually swallow this mucus unconsciously. After that it is destroyed in the human stomach. It is a natural process which you even don’t notice. But under some circumstances our body produces excessive amount of mucus and it irritates our throat. Post nasal drip is not a harmless issue you shouldn’t pay attention to. It can make your life unbearable causing cough, bad breath and nausea.

You may ask why this happens. Usually allergens, viruses, cold weather can stimulate this process. If you follow the instructions of how to get rid of post nasal drip, you will feel OK very soon. It is not a very big problem and you don’t have to visit the doctor at once. But if the symptoms do not disappear for quite a long period of time, you’d better turn to hospital to exclude problems with ears, nose, throat, etc. 

But sometimes post nasal drip can cause nausea and even vomit which is very unpleasant. However, not all the people suffer from post nasal drip nausea. It depends on a person and his/her body peculiarities.

Do not try to take antacids or anti-nausea medications immediately. You should understand that the cause for your bad feeling is post nasal drip and you should treat it first. Look at the problem, not at the result. Anti-nausea medications work only for a short period of time and can’t solve your problems. If the situation gets worse, visit your doctor to decide whether to take stronger medications or examine the problem in detail.

There are some home remedies for post nasal drip you can do yourself. Take half a table spoon of salt, a spoon of baking soda and warm water. Mix everything carefully. Take a syringe or a sinus bulb and place the mixture into this. Blow your nose until you feel there is no mucus in it. Squirt the mixture three or four times into each nostril and blow your nose again. This procedure will allow you to get rid of the mucus and calm down your post nasal drip nausea. Turn the humidifier on while sleeping. It can help you to breathe at night and brings a relief.

If your post nasal drip is caused by allergens, you’d better stay away from dairy products, lactose and sugar. These products will multiply the mucus and coat the back of the throat. Decongestants are good for temporary use as they help to clear up the throat. But do not use them too often as you may get used to these medications and they can have adverse effects like swelling of the nasal passages and dependency. Do you want such complications?

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